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What's the best way of telling someone you have an ostomy?

Hi there, I need some advice please...I've been going to my local nightclub for 5 years, I guy who's also gone there all that time (and longer apparently) is suddenly showing an interest in me. He's very shy, quiet and hardly talks to anyone but his close mate, they're both bachelors, it was my new 'hairdo' (my wig since hair loss due to low dose chemo for my crohn's) that did it, they were lightheartedly arguing whether it was me or not! I started chatting to the quiet guy, I've only ever said ...

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Ostomy diet

Is there such a thing as an ostomy diet? I am barely getting any output from my colostomy in at least a month, and I have absolutely no appetite. Last year I was in hospital with what they thought was a partial small bowel obstruction. My "diet" has been small amount of baby oatmeal and some coffee at breakfast: maybe cup of soup for lunch. Small amount of yogurt, jars of baby fruit. I tried to eat small amounts of well-cooked green beans with the carrots today. I've tried to dri...

Views: 512 Replies: 10

Is it possible to be regular with an ostomy?

Hello Everyone! Is it possible to become regular with an ostomy? My dr told me to drink Citrucel everynight to become regular. I find its all day long, Is it possible to train your colon?

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Recycling ostomy bags???

Has anyone ever heard of cleaning ostomy bags after use? I am all for recycling, but I am also concerned about the health risks.

Views: 904 Replies: 15

Disposing of an ostomy bag at a friend's house

I have an ileostomy and i like to use closed end pouches and change them twice a day. I can carry an Ostaway Bag (black, thick, zip-lock) with me and keep a fresh closed end ostomy bag with me in my pocket. Often when I am at someone's house i need to dispose of one bag and put on a fresh one. I really prefer using the closed-ended pouches and i know there isn't any smell if they are put inside the black, thick, Ostaway Zip-Lock Bag. My question is; do you think it is o.k. to throw this in s...

Views: 1273 Replies: 9

Naming my ostomy

I never thought of naming my stoma. I guess by now I would have to call it "old timer" as I have had it for 40 years now.....

Views: 575 Replies: 6

Collection of tips from people with an Ostomy >>

Allergic? How to Tell For Sure

by Katherine Hoyman, CETN; via Minneapolis (MN) Ostomy Outlook and S Brevard (FL) Ostomy Newsletter

This article is provided to JDBS courtesy of Stillwater-Ponca City (OK) Ostomy Outlook and is Copyright by Stillwater-Ponca City (OK) Ostomy Outlook

While this page contains only a sampling of articles from the Stillwater-Ponca City newsletter, anyone who would like to receive the complete Ostomy Outlook newsletter electronically (in PDF format) may do so by emailing a request to the OstomyOK webmaster (who is also the Stillwater-Ponca City newsletter editor).

From Stillwater-Ponca City (OK) Ostomy Outlook June 2001:

Many times I hear that people are allergic to adhesive tape, or paper tape, skin prep, or any number of different products that are used in ostomy care. Allergies can occur with any product. They can occur with the first use of a product or after years without problems. Most people never have an allergic reaction, but a few are plagued with multiple sensitivities.

However, many things assumed to be an "allergic" reaction may be another problem. It is important to know whether or not you are truly allergic to a product, because eliminating products reduces your options. Believing you are allergic may cause you not to try a pouch that might be perfect for you. Allergic reactions are usually severe and cause blistering and/or weeping skin wherever that pouch touches.

Two situations are frequently labeled as allergic by mistake:

First, if a skin sealant wipe is used, it needs to dry completely to allow the solvents to evaporate. If the pouch is applied while the solvents are still on the skin, sore skin can easily occur. Since the solvents can't evaporate through the skin barrier as they can through the paper tape collar, this will look like an allergy to the skin barrier.

Second, each time you remove a pouch, the adhesive takes with it the top layer of dead skin cells. However, if you are removing a pouch frequently, cells can be removed faster than they are replaced. This is called "tape stripping." Everyone's skin reacts differently to having tape removed. But it's important to be gentle and not remove a pouch more frequently than necessary. Skin that is stripped will be sore in some spots and not in others. Sometimes skin around the stoma becomes fragile and strips easily, and a pouch and tape with very gentle adhesive must be found.

To check whether you are really allergic: Take a small piece of skin barrier or tape and place it on the other side of your abdomen or, with the help of someone else, on your back. After 48 hours, take it off and see whether you are reacting. (If pain, itching or blistering occurs, take it off immediately.) If it's an allergy, you will react. If you have a history of allergies, test this way before trying on a new pouch. It's better to have a patch of sore skin on your back than around the stoma, where you need a good seal.

If you develop an allergy to a product you have used for a long time, you can call the manufacturer and find out if they have made changes in the manufacturing process. Calls from users are sometimes their first notice that the new improvements aren't working.




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